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Brand Name merchandising Boosting your accounts.

1. Internet PUBG Tournaments

2. Live-streaming social media

3. boosting your accounts

4. Produce a Site

5. eventually become a PUBG coach

6. New merchandising

If you would like to make a living from Youtube and Facebook, live-streaming your PUBG game-play on Youtube or even Facebook. It’s an easy means to pull in the viewers on those platforms. About Youtube, the Advertisement sales are substantial when compared to additional video clips. If you’re the optimal/optimally participant, you will find coaches’ internet sites such as Gamer Sensei, Bidvine SuperPro, and SuperProf. How to Earn a Living from PUBG via the Web Produce Internet Site: On the Web Tournaments or E-Sports: Eventually, become a PUBG coach The match is a favorite with youngsters or teens.

From the Google perform shop, 50-million downloads of PUBG. Inside This informative article, we talk Howto Make a Living from PUBG Cellular the Web. Live-streaming onto societal websites: PUBG can be a renowned on-line battle-ground multiple-player video game. You can play games with all the aid of the web anytime and anyplace. In PUBGa, a hundred gamers parachute to an island using various weapons to eliminate the enemies. The previous player within the match may be your winner. The game operates on all sorts of OS (systems).

the eCommerce shop

Even the PUBG is liberated to get the Android along with i-OS end users. PUBG can be a well-known match globally, and then you can begin that the eCommerce shop and sell PUBG t-shirts, mugs, clothing, decals, hoodies, and some other item. Now it is the right time and energy to produce your product therefore that you may make money from this. You can Bring in clients from Facebook, Google, and Instagram. I could let you know to create a web site for Game-related and also share with the wisdom and supply hints and suggestions to your end-users. In gaming-related places, higher traffic together with higher sales. Browsing motors, gaming-related internet sites have countless perspectives with higher research volume.

You understand the poultry meal hints and hints of PUBG, subsequently teach these persons in the event. Today, people become mad about the particular game and invest in a great deal of income on PUBG. If you’re an expert player and your degree will be absolute in a couple of days, market the account on social networking. You may market the bills at the own price. Most potential buyers are global if you would like to sell the PUBG invoices and discover buyers out of societal networking.

Now, ESport is known for playing with internet game championships. Multinational businesses can devote a whole lot of income to internet games. It’s possible to apply to internet PUBG tournaments readily. It can be an easy means to make funds from playing with matches. Some on-line tournaments’ common platforms have been Tournaments, FACEIT, GamerzArena, and Battlefy. You may combine the state Europe League or American League championships and acquire tens of thousands of awards.

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Best 6 Ways how to Earn money form Pubg mobile [easy]




PUBG is an online popular battleground multiple player game. You can play games with the help of the internet anywhere and anytime. In PUBG hundred players parachute into an island with different types of weapons kill the enemies. The last player in the game is the winner. The game runs on all types of OS (Operating Systems). The PUBG is free for both Android and iOS users.

how to earn money through pubg

The game is popular in teenagers or youngsters. In Google Play store 50 million downloads of PUBG. In this post, we discuss the HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM PUBG  MOBILE THROUGH ONLINE.


  1. Online PUBG Tournaments
  2. Live streaming on social media
  3. Selling your account 
  4. Create a Website
  5. Become a PUBG trainer
  6. Brand merchandising

1- Online Tournaments or eSports:

Nowadays, e-sport is popular for playing the game online tournaments. Multi-national companies can spend a lot of money in online tournaments. You can easily apply for online PUBG tournaments. lt is a very easy way to earn money form playing games. Some online tournaments popular platforms are Tournaments, FACEIT, GamerzArena, and Battlefy. You can join the official Europe League or American League tournaments and win millions of prizes. 

2- Live steaming on social media:

If you want to earn money from Youtube and Facebook than live steaming your PUBG gameplay on Youtube or Facebook. It is a simple way to attract the audience on these platforms. In Youtube, the Ad revenue is high as compared to other videos.

3- Selling your account:

If you are pro player and your level is complete in few days than sell the accounts on social media. You can sell the accounts own your price.There are many buyers are over the world. If you want to sell the PUBG account and find the buyers form social media.

4- Create a Website:

I this step I will tell you to create a website for Game-related and share the knowledge and give tips and tricks to the users. In gaming related websites high traffic with high revenue. In search engines, gaming-related websites have million of views with high search volume.

5- Become a PUBG trainer

If you know the chicken dinner tips and tricks of  PUBG than teach the people. The people become crazy about this game and spend a lot of money on PUBG.

If you are best player than you find coaches websites like Gamer Sensei, Bidvine SuperPro and SuperProf.

6- Brand merchandising

PUBG is a popular game all over the world and then you can start the eCommerce store and Sell PUBG T-shirts, mugs, apparel, stickers, hoodies, and any type of product. Now it’s time to merchandise your product so you can earn money out of it.  You can attract customers from Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

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