What is cloud computing? Explain the advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing is defined as storing, access the data and software application on the internet storage the use of computing services like server, storage, data storage, networking, software applications, and Artificial intelligence. In cloud computing data center is available for all on the internet. The cloud computing company provides scalable services. 

what is cloud computing and its types

If you have a cloud service you can easily access remotely anywhere. It is also popular to provides the hardware services on networks the user can access the hardware and performs the task. In this service, the back-end application is managed by a cloud service provider.

The e.g of cloud computing is the use of Dropbox, Gmail, and Facebook, etc. The user can access the files and applications anywhere.

Types of Cloud Computing:

The types of cloud computing are given

  • Public Cloud:

The Public cloud is the run and operates by a cloud services provider, which provides the server, resources, and storage, on the internet. It is mostly free services. It is part of the computing framework. Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Oracle, etc are the example of a public cloud.

what is public cloud computing
  • Private Cloud:

A private cloud is owned and operates by a single business and Organization. The authorized user can not access, because it is protected by the firewalls and controlled by the IT experts. The private cloud server mostly located in the company’s data centers.

what is private cloud computing
  • Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid is a combination of public and private clouds. In hybrid some data for the public and some data is private. The game developer can use hybrid services.

what is hybrid cloud computing

Types of cloud services:

The list of cloud services are given below.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (laaS):

The laaS is the cheap and lowest level of cloud computing. It mostly uses for web hosting services, virtual servers, or Amazon Cloud. These services provided by third parties. In laaS main types of cloud services are a software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Serverless. It is also used for storage, backup, and data recovery.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS):

PaaS is a type of computing that provides a platform to the clients, run the application and manages the business applications. Paas also allows the user to developed the applications and managed their own app without any build. PaaS mostly access with the help of web browsers.

  • Serverless computing:

Serverless computing is consists of grammer/syntax an execution model and runs the server. It is mostly used for developing faster applications and manages the infrastructure.

  • Software as a service (SaaS):

Software as a service(SaaS) allows the user to connect with the cloud-based application via the internet. These types of software licensed or subscription basis. SaaS is the business application. It is also known as on-demand software, hosted software, and Web-based software

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What is cloud computing? Explain the advantages of cloud computing
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