What is Ping in PUBG mobile? Explain in detail [Easy]

Ping is a command-line utility use in the computer network for sending the signal to host that gives the request for a response. It is available for all OS(Operating System) that use Packet Internet Group. The Ping mostly use to the check the host is available and identify the how the response takes.

A command-line interface use to forward the ping request. It mostly uses to send requests over the server in the network you can enter the IP address( or domain name(abc.com). It use to identify the 

How the Ping Works:

The ping network tool is developed by Mike Muuss 1983 in US Army Research Lab. When you open cmd(command-line Interface) and type “ping” entered the IP address or domain name and press the enter.

It is the destination node, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to forward the echo-request packet is sent to that node. If a connection of the internet is fast, the destination node responds fast with an echo reply. When the destination IP address is reachable, it takes to respond with an echo reply message. It is measured in a millisecond, the packet reaches the host, and responds to the return to the sender. Whenever if the ping does not reach to the destination because of any type of error, the sender computer encounters the request time out or shows no received packets.

What is Ping in PUBG?

In PUBG ping means send requests to the server and return as a response. It mostly depends on your internet connection speed. In online popular games has high ping and then you are facing this problem Don’t worry, I will guide you. In PUBG the ping referred to as latency, that’s why it shows on the left corner of the screen in PUBG mobile. In online games, the lower number of ping is better for playing.

Optimal Ping In PUBG:

The better optimal ping for PUBG and any other online game lower ping is better. The number of ping in all online games is less than 155.

  • 20-45ms – Exellent
  • 55-75ms – Good 
  • 85-125ms – Avg
  • 135-165ms – Not Bad
  • 165-205ms – Bad
  • 205-255ms – Very bad
  • 255-300ms – Wrost

Factor that Affect the Ping:

The factor that affects the Ping are given.

  • Background Apps
  • Graphics setting of the game
  • Phone Updates
  • Internet Connection
  • Device Speed
  • Devices connected with Wi-fi
  • Processor Performance

How to improve your Ping?

The steps of fix the ping are given.

  • Improve the Connection Speed:

In this step first of all you can check the speed of the internet form online websites like Ookla and Speedtest. If your ping is low than play game.

  • Turn-Off the Auto-Update:

In smart phones the auto-updates of the mobile are always On and turn-off the mobile auto-update

  • Clear Background Apps:

In this step you just clear the all background working apps that run on your smatphone.

  • Use 4G Mode:

In your mobile always select the 4G mode. In this way you can enjoy the game

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