5 amazing books to read as a django developer [2020]

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Hi, in this article in will talk about 5 amazing books to read as a django developer in 2020. So lets get started.

As you all might now that books plays a major role in learning anything weather it is about stock market or any other field like programming. So as books have a major role in learning programming quickly and efficiently, we will be discussing 5 amazing books to read as a django developer in 2020 because django is a high level framework and if you want to master it then you should probably go with the books written by django experts to learn the major topics of django.

My no. 1 advice for django beginners:

Before diving into the books list first lets discuss what should a beginner do when it just starting out django development.

When You are starting out in django then you should go with its Documentation.

Because django has a very comprehensive and clean documentation and you could a lot of documentation. But that documentation is written in a professional manner and as a beginner you might stuck. So here is the list of books you might concern when you are starting out in django development.

Learn through building projects in django:

While you are learning programming, you might not follow some professional practices that will lead you to be good at it. So in order to learn the important stuff that you will need to use in some professional projects, you should start learn to code by building projects.

I have some cool projects that i write about so that beginners in django and intermediate level programmers get benefit. Here is the list of some cool projects that i recommend you to start building with.

i – Create your own personal website with django : you can get the tutorial by clicking here.

ii – Create a resume builder website with django: Here is the complete tutorial that you can follow.

iii – How to use bootstrap with django: This post will teach you the best way to use bootstrap with your django projects to make them responsive. Get it here.

Also i have prepared a list of projects that you can build right now. You can check that complete article here.

Now you can begin with the list of amazing books for you to be good at django.

A list of 5 Amazing books you should read as a django developer.

Book # 1:

Django for Beginners (best book in this list):

The best book on django is django for beginners by William S. Vincent. The reason why i kept this book on the top of the list is that it is extremely summarized and also very comprehensively explained all the topics for beginners. This books starts from beginner teaching the basics of django and then moves you around some high level programming in django framework whenever you feels comfortable in django development. In short, it will teach everything you need to become a master in django framework.

Book # 2:

Django 2 web development Cook Book:

The next great book in this list is also a very great book for beginners. It is written by Jake Kronika and it also covers a lot of beginners stuff. This book talks about django 2 but the logic build through this book can used inside django 3.

Book # 3:

Django 2 by Example:

This book is written by Antonio Mele and it is one of my favorite books because it start’s with build the projects and then by the end of building many projects taught in this you will eventually become a master in django.

Book # 4:

Two Scoops of django:

Another favorite book of mine is Two scoops of django and it is a bit older, it only talks about django 1.8 but the logic you will learn in this book can be implied in latest versions.

Book # 5:

The definative guide to django:

This book is also very informative if you want to learn django web development from start to end. Once you finish reading and practicing the lessons inside this book then you will have a thorough understanding of how django works.

I hope you have enjoyed a lot reading this tutorial now if you have any question feel free to ask it in the comment section and i will definitely answer. You can also check out the post about django books by data-flair here. Thanks.

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