5 best website to learn code [2020]

5 best website to learn code [2020]

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You probably wandering about best website to learn code and you might be getting unexpected results from your searches, but in this article i will help you to recognize the best platform to start your coding career. Without wasting more time lets focus on best website to learn code.

Why should you learn to code in 2020?

You are searching about best website to learn code because you may want to shift your career or you might be thinking about adding this skill into your skillset. But let’s take a little time to discuss why should you learn to code at all?

The answer to this question might vary on certain conditions but in my opinion everyone who needs to change their career or want to grow in a tech career should learn to code. Learning to code can be a fun part in your day to day routine. Adding this skill into your skillset have many benefits. Let’s discuss them shortly:

  1. It can help you to grow your business.
  2. Helps you to think more logically.
  3. Coding plays a vital role to reshape your business according to trends that world is adapting.
  4. By knowing how to code can help you to transform your ideas into a form.
  5. Provides benefits to you in earning a side income.
  6. Can help you in making a complete shift from your 9 to 5 job to something called a remote work.
  7. By knowing a little bit about coding can help you to teach what you are passionate about online.
  8. It influences you to help others using your tech/coding skills.
  9. Last but not least it eventually can help you to get a job.

Why it became very easy for you to learn coding free in 2020?

Now let’s discuss why it became very easy for you to learn coding free of cost in 2020.

There are probably huge amount of websites or tech bloggers who help you in learning the skills you want to learn. Talking about technology and coding related stuff is one of the favorite things that bloggers like me want to write about because teaching others how to code eventually help us to broaden our knowledge as well. Of course there are plenty of websites that are willing to teach you about coding free of cost or some of them might charge a little bit. We will discuss Some cool websites that I personally like to use whenever I want to something new that is related to coding and tech in general.

Best places to learn to code|| Best website to learn to code.

Now let’s discuss about best websites to learn code.


It is one of my favorite and best website to learn code. Because the students enrolled here can learn coding by taking quizzes and interacting with coding challenges provided by treehouse team. It has more than 1500 interactive lectures. Those lectures eventually help students to learn what they want to learn. It has fairly cool challenges that help students to get a command on programming and coding core topics such as algorithms etc.


YouTube is amongst the favorite platform of developers when they want a quick getting started guide. It can help beginners in learning programming core topics free of cost. It is the world’s second largest search engine that is searched by uncountable number of people throughout the world. Of course you can learn coding from YouTube using the tutorials and playlists provided by other developers for you to learn.


GitHub is very cool website to learn and contribute to open source projects. It might be a very good website for intermediate level developers who want to broaden their knowledge by contributing to open source projects. Beginners can also use GitHub as a place where they can put their code to show off to someone else who can review their code and give a feedback to them.

4-Khan Academy:

This website offers coding education in a practical manner so that students can learn at their own pace and eventually grasp everything they have learned. Students can have a separate dashboard and also have multiple instructional videos that will help them to learn coding more efficiently.


It is also one of my favorite website to learn code because the courses taught here have practical knowledge up to an extent. You will find quizzes and exercise from the top professional teachers throughout the globe. You can collaborate with other students, you can see how other students solve the same problem and much more. Some courses here are free and some are paid. But you can apply financial aid to paid courses if you cannot afford those courses. You can audit courses to learn without getting certificate and it is also good if you don’t want to spend money. You just want to learn and if you became good at coding then you don’t need any certificate to get a job, you can show off your work to potential clients and can get a job.

I hope this article gives you a very cool idea about where to find resources in order to learn coding. If you want to create your own website then i have created a tutorial on that please checkout that as well here. As usual if you have any question then feel free to ask it in the comment section and i will definitely answer. Thanks.

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