Amazing Project ideas for beginners in django [2020]

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Hi in this article i will introduce you some of my Amazing project ideas for beginners in django, So lets get Started

Remember one thing in mind you cannot proceed further without making projects and practicing much in the language or framework you are working right now because once you make some projects, eventually your knowledge will become clear and you will start doing what you want to do in programming.

Now you might know the importance of making projects in django. Lets Discuss some Amazing project ideas for beginners in django.

No 1: Build a TodoList App

While building this project you will learn quite a lot in django because it will give you in-depth knowledge of how everything fits up with each other in django because you will be using html, css and javascript with django for making your todolist app cool and you will learn a lot.

No 2: Build Your own Blog Using django:

The importance of building your own blog for being a programming is even more. Because by having a blog you can share your thoughts with other, and you will learn a lot by doing so. If you want to make a project using django then you should go with making your own blog.

No 3: Build a Personal website using django:

This is quite similar to the application above because you can embed your blog inside a static home page website as well. So here is my advice for creating your website.

Try to create a website with static homepage and create contact and about us pages. Then create a blog application and embed it inside your personal website. In this your website will look more professional and you will learn a lot of fundamentals of django by building this project as well. So go ahead and do that. I have a pretty great tutorial on this project and you can reference that tutorial as by going to the below link.

my personal website tutorial link: click here.

No 4: Build your own portfolio Website:

Let me introduce you what portfolio website really is:

A portfolio website is simply a website where you can show case your work. Try to make a website where you will be able to tell other people what you can do and post some of your projects their.

I have a comprehensive tutorial on this project as well, you can check that as well.

No 5: Build an Ecommerce Website:

Building an ecommerce website in django can be challenging and it will also helps you to make a strong logic about how to build an ecommerce website using django. Try to make a simple online shop and add cart options to it and then you can use this application to sell your projects online.

You can also read 12 project ideas by pythonistaplanet by clicking here

I hope you have quite a good knowledge of how to think for a project and start building it. If you have any question or query then feel free to ask in the comment section and i will definitely answer. Thanks.

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