How to create an attractive freelance profile? [2020]

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You might be wondering about creating a professional freelance profile for attracting more clients and getting more orders on your freelance profile.

We all spend much of our time budding and searching for projects but we don’t even realize that we can get more projects if we learn the art of presenting our self.

As you build a unique profile and present yourself more efficiently, then you will get even more orders and your earnings will increase eventually.

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Here are the steps that you should take while building your profile on any freelance marketplace.

Steps to take for building better freelance profile.

I will touch the important points that you should consider while building your profile online in order to rank and get more projects.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1 – Write an effective headline that sets you apart from the rest:

This must be your first step while creating your freelance profile, because an effective headline in your profile will make you apart from your competitors.

Your headline should be clear and concise and don’t try to put much inside it. Let me explain it to you.

Your headline will be considered clear when you put the service that you will provide to your client. But try to define your service in two to three words.

What if your headline is big and you put a lot of content into it?

If you do so then your client think that you are an unprofessional and if you cannot describe your offerings in a concise manner then what value you will provide to their business? Sounds good, let’s now move on to the next step.

2 – Gig Summary:

Now i will discuss what steps you should take in your gig summary in order to attract your client.

So your gig summary must give a brief introduction to what value you’ll be providing to your client’s business and some lines about your experience and industries that you’ve worked with.

3 – Share Qualifications and Experience:

Most of the freelance market places enable you to add your qualifications and certificates to your profile as well enable you to point your experience in the industry and you should take benefit from those.

Try to show your real qualification and experience. One important thing to consider is that if your a fresher then don’t just tell them that you will be my first client. Either try to make some portfolio items and post it there so that your client can see your work experience.

4 – Upload a professional photo:

The value a professional picture will bring into freelance profile is much more then you might thing off. If you put a casual picture their then your client will think that you are an unprofessional. So try to take a professional picture either with a professional camera or with a good quality smartphone camera. Your profile picture should be clear and you must have a smiling face inside your profile picture.

5 – Be Easily Contactable:

No matter if you place your personal mobile number or a business email or yours, you should be contactable by anyone who wants to work with you.

If you build a professional profile and some person is impressed by your profile then the next step they will take is to contact you and if you didn’t place your contact information then you might miss the opportunity of getting a freelance project. So try to place your personal contact information into your profile description or a link to your personal website if you have one.

6 – Present a Professional Portfolio:

You might be aware of the importance of portfolio onto a freelance profile. It has a greater importance because if you didn’t able to show your employer about what you can do and what you have done before then you might not get orders or projects because you are unable to give a shape to your expertise, so try to make a professional portfolio and include that in your freelance profile.

7 – Make a plan for profile maintenance:

You should develop and proper plan for maintaining your profile because as changing your resume if you have learnt something new, it is also important to add extra skills that you’ve learnt while doing freelance work and also try to list all of your projects that you’ve done so far into your profile. It will benefit you a lot and also will help you get more work and eventually expand your business.

I hope you’ve get a clear idea of how to present yourself in any freelance marketplace. Thanks for reading this complete guide and if you have any question then feel free to ask them in the comment section and i will definitely answer. Happy Freelancing!.

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