How to monetize our programming skills? [2020]

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You probably thought about how to monetize programming skills in order to make a living and it is pretty straight forward. If you have the skill, then you will get paid. But before start monetizing our programming skills let’s discuss how you should go with your programming portfolio in order to be successful in making a living in programming.

How to choose the niche for learning advance stuff in programming?

You might be a good programmer, but programming is not hard and also not very easy so that you can digest it in a day, it is a long game which needs to played continuously in order to get a grip on this.

The basic knowledge of programming cannot get you a job, either you have to dive in a framework of your choice or may be learn a completely new programming field to get your hands dirty.

You have done some programming till now and you may have the idea of popular fields in programming such as web development, web designing, mobile application development and so on. Just learn any one of these fields and try to monetize it by offering it to online customers.

At first you might not get any work just like me but eventually as your experience grows you probably get more work.

How should you structure your portfolio?

When it comes to making money online or starting a career in tech or programming in general the first thing that every techie or programmer should consider is to make a good portfolio to stand out. A good portfolio can help you to stand out from the crowd in order to win the project or job.

In order to make a good portfolio you should consider the following steps.

  1. Try to make some real world projects.
  2. Your projects should be deployed somewhere so that you can show them to your clients live.
  3. People are design buyers, what I mean by this is simple. A project that is good in looking can be more attractive to clients and it will eventually help you win the job.
  4. Don’t stuck in trying to make something big to show to your client/Employee rather make a small but attractive and functional project to demonstrate your skills.
  5. Your project should be mobile responsive because the usage of mobile is high now a day.

Going with Freelancing:

As you go with freelancing you might encounter some problems in getting projects at first but just keep trying and making you better day by day can lead to success.

Just try to make some cool projects and also try to make your profile better.

The importance of building a profile is much more important as of building a portfolio. So try to present the real picture of yours, so that you get the people attraction.

Become a Blogger:

Blogging is the best thing that I recommend to my readers because it actually pays in one way or another. Once you get you blog up and running then you will have a lot of options to monetize it.

Benefits of blogging:

  1. The benefits of blogging have a huge number but I will discuss some of them here.
  2. Your blog is your personal property; no one can steel it from you.
  3. You will get a huge audience if you put quality content into your blog.
  4. You will have a group of readers that you can sell products of your choice.
  5. While blogging about a particular topic, you will learn a lot.
  6. You will eventually monetize your blog with best options including google AdSense, affiliate marketing and probably some paid sponsorship that you will get from companies to promote their product or services.

Join a remote Company/Software house:

If you have made a good portfolio that you can add to your resume, then you can prepare your cv and apply for a remote job.

The benefits of doing a remote job for a company is also good in numbers.

  1. You will learn a lot by working on real world projects that your company will provide you.
  2. You will be introduced with the great practices that a firm follows while working.
  3. Professional behavior that the company you are working with will teach you.
  4. You can add this experience onto your portfolio for further best opportunities.

I hope you have a lot of cool stuff in this article and eventually you will start applying it. If you, then please let me know in the comment section that you are going to adopt. Thanks.

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