Best SEO(Search Engine Optimization): plugin free WordPress and tools [2020]

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seo plugin wordpress

Search Engine Optimization Plugin free WordPress And Tools

If you are the best plugin or Search Engine Optimization tools for your website and lead generates than you read this post. In this post, I will tell you the best plugin and tools you can use on your website. These tools help you start business websites, e-commerce, and blog, etc. There are millions of plugin in WordPress some popular are given.

1 Yoast 

Yoast seo

Yoast SEO ( Search Engine Tool ) is a free plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is developed by Joost de Valk in 2010, the old name is plug-in was renamed, Yoast. It has millions of downloads and 5+ million installations. The premium version is launched in 2012. It helps you can easily create high-quality content with high search engine ranking. It is one of the most popular plugin tools for web users. It is very easy to understand for all. This tool provides and helps you make your website friendly. With the help of this tool you can easily manage title, meta descriptions, target keywords, manages sitemaps, permalinks, and so more.

2 SEMRush

seo plugin wordpress

SemRush is an online SEO and marketing analytics software. This tool helps you to run digital marketing, social media, content marketing, topic research, lead generation, and Pay-per-click (PPC). It is launched in 2008 and 5,000,000 trusted users all over the world. It can monitor the website performance issues and can easily resolve these issues on the website. SemRush helps you to find the keywords and keywords ranking. It also uses for local digital marketing. With the help of this tool, you can easily track social media performance. Some of the best advantages of this tool are given.

  • Website Audit
  • Check Backlinks
  • Site Monitoring
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Keywords Analysis
  • Keywords CPC
  • Keywords Ranking
  • Content Creation
  • Traffic Analytic

3 Google Search Console

seo plugin wordpress

Google Search Console is a tool by Google that is used for indexing the websites on Google and optimize the visibility of websites. It is also known as Google Webmaster Tools. Google Console is free for all users. Some features of the Google Console are given below.

  • Submit the Site Map
  • Crawl the website
  • Write and identify the robots.txt
  • Troubleshoot the issue of AMP( accelerated mobile pages )
  • Mobile Usability experience
  • Finds the links of website
  • Email Alerts of website indexing issues, spam, links, and another issue

4 All in one pack

seo plugin wordpress

All in one pack is the most popular WordPress plugin. It has 27 million downloads. If you have a website on WordPress you can download it. All on one pack provides depth detail of on-page. Some of the features are given.

  • XML Sitemap Generator and support submission on Search engine ( Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc ).
  • Image XML Sitemap submitted to the Search Engine.
  • AMP Support ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ).
  • Analytics Support.
  • Markup.
  • Check Keywords density.
  • Check headers.
  • Check links in URLs.
  • Identify the Google Cache.
  • Canonical URLs.
  • Meta Tags Generates.
  • Set the Meta Keywords and Meta description you want.
  • Notifies the Search Engine changes.
  • Built-in API.
  • Test the Mobile friendly.
  • Optimize the title for Search Engine.
  • Avoids duplicate content.

5 Ahrefs

seo plugin wordpress

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools for digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Ahrefs provides helps businesses

obtain more valuable leads. Ahrefs helps your online business and optimize the campaign. Ahrefs is the most trusted online software online marketing. It is also popular for link building. The features of this tool are given.

  • Keywords Research
  • Keywords Volume
  • Keywords Difficulty
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Check Clicks
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Explore competitors
  • find the do follow and no follow links
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Links Building
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Audit Report.

6 RankMath

seo plugin wordpress

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin, easy to use, and configure. This tool provides Google schema makeup and easy to optimize the keywords. RankMath provides the right information at the right time. RankMath has the best interface that provides important information about the website. RankMath uses modular easy to enable and disable. The features of RankMath are given

  • Google Console Integration
  • Website Analysis
  • Advanced Optimization
  • XML
  • Rich Snippets
  • AMP
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 404 Error monitor
  • Advanced WooCommerce
  • Role Manager
  • OpenGraph Mark-Up

7 Broken link Checker

seo plugin wordpress

Broken link (Broken links are those types of links that are removed from the website and dead links) is a WordPress plugin find the broke link in your website and you can easily download for plugin store. It is very easy to use for all types of users. It can identify the broken links it can move the links and delete the links. The feature of this plugin is given.

  • High configurable.
  • Monitor links in posts, pages, images, and comments, etc.
  • Anchor text.
  • In broken links display differently post.
  • Prevents the Search Engine from broken links.

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