Very Important things to know about programming. [2020]

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In this post i will discuss important things to know about programming, so read this post completely to get the most out of it.

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Here are the things to know about programming:

Programming is not hard:

The reason most programmers are telling you this is because once you become a programmer and have a thought on learning curve. you follow on to become a programmer seems quite easy, because they all know that if they struggled a little bit then they can go at the place where they are right now.

Most of programmers are self-made because no school. college or university can tell the origin or core of programming. You have to figure it on your own. And your desire to become a programmer helps you to do this.

Learn by Practicing:

The no. 1 mistake most beginners make while learning to code is; first they sit at the place and starts watching tutorials and reading books without practicing much. Programming is a knowledge that requires a lot of practice and logic building. The logic behind programming can be cleared simply by just practicing it. And then apply that logic to real world projects and your routine tasks.

Many of us wants to learn all the programming fundamentals first. And then we go for making projects and dig deeper into problem solving. But this is not the best practice because if you learned all the programming fundamentals without practicing much then it doesn’t worth it, because you don’t get the knowledge of working with real life projects. Either you are just boring yourself. Either go for making a small project whenever you are just starting out and then move ahead. In this way once you finished all programming fundamentals. Then you will also have a pretty great real world projects to showcase on your resume, and all of your logic about programming would be cleared.

Don’t work hard Either work Smartly:

The most important advice in this article (things i wish i knew when i started coding?) is this:

The reason why i am telling you this is because i have worked 15 hours a day. While learning to code and that’s result in so much confusion. And you are not learning what you want to learn. You should learn programming smartly. Because in this way you will be able to get the most out of it and also enjoy what your are doing.

Programming is Fun:

Programmers are intended to solve lots of complicated problems. And that is even good because once you have reached to point when you enjoy to program. Then think yourself as a programmer. Because you have your profession just like your passion and this keeps the programmers motivated.

Enjoy what you are doing in Programming:

Just learn to program because you want to learn it is not a satisfactory answer to yourself. Because you will eventually get bored while doing so. Either thing of an idea and start collecting information about it. i.e what you want to build and what languages are required to do so then you will be enjoying programming. And You will be able to learn it even faster and transform your idea into reality. If you want to know more about things to know about programming by HONGIAT then click here.

I think the above reading have motivated you a lot. And if it then give your feedback in the comment section below. If you have any question or query then ask it in the comment section and i will definitely answer.

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