What are the keywords in SEO Explain the types and importance?

What is Keywords?

A keyword is a word that defines what is your content on your pages or posts. A KW (Keyword) in the context of search engine optimization. A KW is used in a Website pages meta descriptions and helps the search engine to understand the website. 

When user search type in the search engine, to find what website that match in a search engine. KW is also known as a search query that you type in search engines.

What is keywords in SEO?

What is Keywords Optimization?

Keywords optimization is a way to find, selecting, monthly traffic local, and researching the best KW to use on your website.KW optimization is also called KW research. The google looks ranking page with the help of KW or your content. KW optimization is the most important factor of SEO or On-page SEO you can’t rank any website without KW. Choose the proper keywords for your target audience, which is the best keyword optimization. In the following place, you can put your KW for the best optimization.

  • Page Title
  • Page Description (META Descrip)
  • Page Heading
  • Body Content
  • Page URL
  • Image Alt text

Types of Keywords: 

The types of KWs are given below.

1-Short-Tail Keywords:

  • It consists of one or two words.
  • It high search volume.
  • Short-tail high ranking competition all search engine
  • It is best for top-level of pages

2-Long-Tail Keywords:

  • It consists of many words.
  • It has a low search volume.
  • Long-tail low ranking competition all search engine.
  • It is useful for low-level of pages or new websites
  • Long-tail has singular search intent

3-Information Keywords:

  • It is tutorial or learning KWs.
  • It has high search volume
  • It consits on “How to…” , “What is…” , etc.
  • It helps to find the information on search engines

4-Transactional Keywords:

  • Transaction Keywords consist of a commercial transaction.
  • These KWs consists of buy, sale products
  • It has a low ranking competition.
  • It has high-search volume.

5-Navigational Keywords:

  • Navigation KWs consists of business or brand names.
  • It has medium competition.
  • These KWs helps to find the popular brands like Apple, KFC, etc.

Why keywords is important?

KW is important when people search that are relevant to your product and service. KW is used to help content on a website. The traffic depends on the KW number of people who search for this keyword each day. In kw use three SEO important factors along with link building, ON-Page, and content marketing. It is used to create content for the target audience. It helps you to identify the target market or local marketing. It helps to communicate with the search engine that the webpage is matched in search. With the help of the keywords search engine understand the content. KW helps you to get content to the right people at the right time from anywhere.

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