What Is An Operating System function and its types with examples?

What Is An Operating System?

An operating system or OS is system software that runs the computer hardware, application software, and resources. Any device without an operating system is useless. The operating system works as a link between the user and the computer, which is also called the interface. The fundamental function of the OS running gadget is to get commands from the user and follow them to the hardware. In old operating systems introduced, the user interacted with a command-line interface,  these OS use commands. Nowadays the latest OS uses GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) easier to operate.

What Is An Operating System and its types with examples? Explain the concept of Operating system and functions


The working of the Operating System ( OS ).

  • OS manages the I/O devices ( Input / Output).
  • It controls the Storage devices for e.g external and internal.
  • It controls the network devices.
  • It offers protection to files and your data.
  • Control Management controls the internal hardware devices of the computer such as RAM, ROM, and processor, etc. OS control External devices such as Monitor/LCD, USB and Printer etc

Types of Operating System.

  • Multi-Tasking. 
  • Multi-user 
  • Real-time 
  • Distributed 
  • Timesharing 
  • Network 

The function of OS.

  • Communication
  • Security or Protection
  • Processing Management.
  • Memory Management
  • Device Management
  • Memory Management

Example Of Operating System


The Linux OS is developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux runs on all types of computers.

Microsoft Windows.

The window is the most popular OS developed by Microsoft


macOS is also known as Apple OS. macOS is only run on Apple computers


The iOS operating system is used in the iPhone and iPads.


Android is an open-source OS developed by Google. Android is used in phones and tablets.
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