What is IoT? Explain detail with examples & Applications

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What is the Internet Of Things with Example?
Internet Of Thing ( IOT ) changed everything around us. Every Smart device you can control from one place to another place easily. Nowadays we can easily control smart home appliances easily. 
Internet Of Thing ( IoT )
IoT stands for the Internet Of Things. The Internet Of Thing is networks of devices that could experience,  that can share data from one place to another place without human or computer interaction. Internet of Things is a physical object type of network in this network vehicles, machines, smartphones, wireless sensors, and Home appliances, etc interact with each other. In IoT API ( Application Programming Interfaces ) connect is mostly used for sending and exchanging the data one place to another. IoT also uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) or machine learning algorithms. The term is intently diagnosed with RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) for communication, although it uses wireless networks, sensors, and QR codes. IoT devices everything is around us can be changed into smart devices with the help of the Internet Of Thing.
Applications OF IOT
The application of the Internet Of Things is given.
Smart Home Appliances
Nowadays smart appliances are an important part of every home, which can include smart TVs, air conditions and heating appliances, lighting, and security systems, which can turn OFF/ON easily with the help of the Internet.
IoT also uses in transportation for monitoring cars and other vehicles all over the world easily. IoT sensors can monitor the vehicles the engine performance and safety to logistics. Sensors such as GPS, Engine Controller, and Temperature send data to platforms.
The Internet Of Things is also an important application for the medical purpose which can use for monitoring, analysis, and research and data of the patient. In IoT, doctors can easily monitor the patient, and even although the affected person is at the pass. IoT devices can use emergency notifications.
Industrial applications
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is used to analyze the data from connected equipment or monitoring devices. IIoT monitor industrial system and sends data to IoT platforms

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