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What is SEO and its types? how SEO works [explain]



What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most important strategy for increasing the organic traffic of the website these terms related to the search engine. SEO is one of the best ways to get your website to the top in all search engines. When you can follow the guidelines of the search engine you can easily increase the organic traffic. The un-paid traffic getting from the search engine or search result is known as “Organic Traffic” or “Natural Traffic”. All popular search engines have primary search results, Internet pages and other content consisting of motion pictures or local listings are proven and ranked based totally on what the search engine considers maximum relevant to customers. The search engine mostly increases the best quality content.
What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and its types ? Discuss the how seo works and explain On-page and Off page
If an increase in the organic traffic improves webpages so they rank higher in search engines through keywords. The people enter into seeking engine while seeking out similar issues is known as Keywords.
There are two ways of Search Engine Optimization:

On-Page SEO:

The On-Page is included to provide good content to the user, keyword research, Keywords Density, Meta Tags, Title, etc


The Off-page includes link building, promoting links, Links exchanging, video submission, image submission, blog submission, etc.

Types of SEO:

The types of SEO are given.

White Hat SEO:

A white hat is a technique or method to follow the guidelines of the search engine to improve the website search ranking. The technique used in the white hat is high-quality content, website optimization, link acquisition, and manual research.

Black Hat SEO:

A black hat is a technique in which violates the search engine guidelines for increasing the website traffic. A black hat is also found or exploits the weakness inside the search engine algorithms. Some major techniques are: keywords stuffing, hidden text, hidden links, link spam, meta tag stuffing, page hijacking, and cloaking

Grey Hat SEO:

A grey hat is the combination of a black hat or a white hat. Grey hat technique mostly uses in link building sends links in an old domain or different niches.
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What are the keywords in SEO Explain the types and importance?




What are Keywords?

A keyword is a word that defines what your content on your pages or posts is—a KW (Keyword) in the context of search engine optimization. A KW is used in a Website page’s meta descriptions and helps the search engine to understand the website. 

When user search type in the search engine to find what website match in a search engine. KW is also known as a search query that you type in search engines.


What is Keywords Optimization?

Keywords optimization is a way to find, selecting, monthly traffic local, and researching the best KW to use on your website.KW optimization is also called KW research. The google looks ranking page with the help of KW or your content. KW optimization is the most crucial factor of SEO or On-page SEO; you can’t rank any website without KW. Choose the proper keywords for your target audience, which is the best keyword optimization. In the following place, you can put your KW for the best optimization.

  • Page Title
  • Page Description (META Descrip)
  • Page Heading
  • Body Content
  • Page URL
  • Image Alt text

Types of Keywords: 

The types of KWs are given below.

1-Short-Tail Keywords:

  • It consists of one or two words.
  • It high search volume.
  • Short-tail high ranking competition all search engine
  • It is best for top-level pages

2-Long-Tail Keywords:

  • It consists of many words.
  • It has a low search volume.
  • Long-tail low ranking competition all search engine.
  • It is useful for low-level pages or new websites
  • Long-tail has singular search intent

3-Information Keywords:

  • It is a tutorial or learning KWs.
  • It has a high search volume.
  • It consists of “How to…”, “What is…”, etc.
  • It helps to find the information on search engines.

4-Transactional Keywords:

  • Transaction Keywords consist of a commercial transaction.
  • These KWs consists of buy, sale products
  • It has a low ranking competition.
  • It has a high search volume.

5-Navigational Keywords:

  • Navigation KWs consists of business or brand names.
  • It has medium competition.
  • These KWs helps to find popular brands like Apple, KFC, etc.

Why are keywords important?

KW is essential when people search that are relevant to your product and service. KW is used to help content on a website. The traffic depends on the KW number of people who search for this keyword each day. In kw, use three SEO essential factors along with link building, ON-Page, and content marketing. It is used to create content for the target audience. It helps you to identify the target market or local marketing. It helps to communicate with the search engine that the webpage is matched in search. With the help of the keywords search engine understand the content. KW helps you to get content to the right people at the right time from anywhere.

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What are backlinks explain the types in SEO and how do they work [link-Building]






Backlinks are those types created by one website links to another website, e.g., one website links to another website. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. Backlinks can help to increase the website ranking in search engines. With the help of backlinks, search engines measure the value of web-pages. It is part of the off-page SEO or link-building process.


Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks are give below.

  • Do-follow 
  • No-follow


Dofollow links that we add in a blog post; these links also known as Juicy links. These links were increasing the search results of the websites. When search bots crawling the website and they look the external links and vote to other websites for e.g

<a href=

rel=”do follow”> Etechdiary </a>

<a href=

rel=”external”> Etechdiary </a>


Any website gives links to any website, but the link with a no-follow tag is known as No-follow. When the search engine checks a “ NO-Follow “link and ignores the link, it will not crawl, and no link juice is passed. These types of fo links are not important for the search ranking. All types of the search engine can ignore these links. These types of links only increase the traffic to the site. When search engines bots crawling the website and they look at the No-follow links and not vote to another website for e.g

<a href=

rel=”nofollow”> Etechdiary </a>

Why are backlinks important for websites?

The backlinks will improve the website page ranking in search ranking. It is significant for SEO because they represent “ VOTE” from one site to another. When a website has a high-quality backlink, the search engine considers it more relevant or valuable than another website. It is a faster indexing process. It is Referral traffic. It can increase the ranking and position of content improves the authority of sites like PA and DA. The DA helps enhance the PA.

How to makes the backlinks for a website?

The best strategies for getting the backlinks are given below.

  • Create posts with infographics and embedded videos.
  • Create social accounts and adds the links.
  • Writing a post for another website and add a link to the website in text anchor (Guest Post).
  • When you write an article or any blog post, add the site link in your different posts.
  • Write the position on the site.
  • Contact influencers with the same niche and tell them about an article on your site that they may want to link to.


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Best SEO(Search Engine Optimization): plugin free WordPress and tools [2020]




Search Engine Optimization Plugin free WordPress And Tools

If you are the best plugin or Search Engine Optimization tools for your website and lead generates, then you read this post. This post will tell you the best plugin and tools you can use on your website. These tools help you start business websites, e-commerce, and blog, etc. There are millions of plugins in WordPress; some popular are given.

1 Yoast 

Yoast SEO ( Search Engine Tool ) is a free plugin for WordPress users. Joost de Valk developed this plugin in 2010. The old name is plugin was renamed Yoast. It has millions of downloads and 5+ million installations. The premium version was launched in 2012. It helps you can easily create high-quality content with a high search engine ranking. It is one of the most popular plugin tools for web users. It is effortless to understand for all. This tool provides and helps you make your website friendly. With this tool’s help, you can easily manage titles, meta descriptions, target keywords, contains sitemaps, permalinks, and so more.

2 SEMRush

SemRush is an online SEO and marketing analytics software. This tool helps you run digital marketing, social media, content marketing, topic research, lead generation, and Pay-per-click (PPC). It is launched in 2008 and 5,000,000 trusted users all over the world. It can monitor the website performance issues and can quickly resolve these issues on the website. SemRush helps you to find the keywords and keywords ranking. It also uses for local digital marketing. With the help of this tool, you can easily track social media performance. Some of the best advantages of this tool are given.

  • Website Audit
  • Check Backlinks
  • Site Monitoring
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Keywords Analysis
  • Keywords CPC
  • Keywords Ranking
  • Content Creation
  • Traffic Analytic

3 Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool by Google that is used for indexing the websites on Google and optimize the visibility of websites. It is also known as Google Webmaster Tools. Google Console is free for all users. Some features of the Google Console are given below.

  • Submit the Site Map
  • Crawl the website
  • Write and identify the robots.txt
  • Troubleshoot the issue of AMP( accelerated mobile pages )
  • Mobile Usability experience
  • Finds the links to the website
  • Email Alerts of website indexing issues, spam, links, and another issue

4 All in one pack

All in one pack is the most popular WordPress plugin. It has 27 million downloads. If you have a website on WordPress, you can download it. All on one pack provides depth detail of on-page. Some of the features are given.

  • XML Sitemap Generator and support submission on Search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Image XML Sitemap submitted to the Search Engine.
  • AMP Support ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ).
  • Analytics Support.
  • Markup.
  • Check Keywords density.
  • Check headers.
  • Check links in URLs.
  • Identify the Google Cache.
  • Canonical URLs.
  • Meta Tags Generates.
  • Set the Meta Keywords and Meta description you want.
  • Notifies the Search Engine changes.
  • Built-in API.
  • Test the Mobile friendly.
  • Optimize the title for Search Engine.
  • Avoids duplicate content.

5 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools for digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Ahrefs provides businesses

obtain more valuable leads. Ahrefs helps your online business and optimize the campaign. Ahrefs is the most trusted online software for online marketing. It is also famous for link building. The features of this tool are given.

  • Keywords Research
  • Keywords Volume
  • Keywords Difficulty
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Check Clicks
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Explore competitors
  • find the do follow and no follow links
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Links Building
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Audit Report.

6 RankMath

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin, easy to use and configure. This tool provides Google schema makeup and easy to optimize the keywords. RankMath delivers the right information at the right time. RankMath has the best interface that includes essential details on the website. RankMath uses modular easy to enable and disable. The features of RankMath are given.

  • Google Console Integration
  • Website Analysis
  • Advanced Optimization
  • XML
  • Rich Snippets
  • AMP
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 404 Error monitor
  • Advanced WooCommerce
  • Role Manager
  • OpenGraph Mark-Up

7 Broken Link Checker

Broken link (Broken links are those types of links removed from the website and dead links) is a WordPress plugin that finds the broken link in your website, and you can easily download it for the plugin store. It is effortless to use for all types of users. It can identify the broken links it can move the links and delete the links. The feature of this plugin is given.

  • High configurable.
  • Monitor links in posts, pages, images, and comments, etc.
  • Anchor text.
  • In broken links display differently post.
  • Prevents the Search Engine from broken links.


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